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Ceylon Dollar Bond Fund

Sri Lanka’s only USD denominated unit trust fund that invests in Sri Lanka sovereign bonds listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange and Sri Lanka Development Bonds.

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Ceylon Index Fund

A Sri Lankan country fund that invests in the top 10 companies listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE), capturing approximately 30% of the entire CSE market capitalization.

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Ceylon Money Market Fund

Provides a better interest rate than a savings account and more flexibility than a fixed deposit. Gives an opportunity to investors to invest in rated short term corporate debt.

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Ceylon Tourism Fund

An equity fund that invests exclusively in the Hotels and Travels (H&T) sector. The stocks are selected based on liquidity and market capitalisation.

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A medium term corporate debt fund that invests in listed corporate debentures of “Investment grade”. While yields reported are higher, the fund can be subject to short term volatility.

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CEYLON FIN. Sector Fund

An equity fund that invests exclusively in the Finance & Insurance (BFI) Sector. The stocks are selected based on liquidity and market capitalization.

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FUND   PERFORMANCE  As 29th July 2021

Fund NameDescriptionBuying PriceSelling PriceNAVYTD Return
Annualized %
Stock market country fund
Short term fixed income fund
Long term fixed income fund
Long term fixed income fund
Stock market sector fund
Treasury bills and bonds fund
Long term fixed income fund
Stock market sector fund
Initial public offering fund

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