Ceylon Gilt-Edged Fund


    The fund invests exclusively in Government Securities and was the top performing fixed income fund in Sri Lanka during 2013. Since Treasury Bills and Bonds are tradable in the secondary market, customers have maximum liquidity and can exit at any given time (open ended). All distributions and capital gains of the fund are exempted from income tax.


    The objective of the fund is to invest in securities issued by the Government of Sri Lanka at a minimal risk. In order to achieve this objective, the fund will exclusively invest in the following instruments:

    a) Treasury Bills

    b) Treasury Bonds

    c) Repurchase Agreements

    d) Reverse Repurchase Agreements.

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Fee Structure

  • Front End Fee – NIL
  • Management Fee – 0.13%
  • Trustee & Custodian Fee – 0.20%
  • Exit Fee – NIL